The newest toddler obsession is with ships and naturally, pirates. Following our little trip on the ferry at Christmas, the little one is always on the lookout for boats. This month, we were sent a couple of Pink Lining’s new products to check out. The pirate theme went down a treat with our little boy, but the lunchbox and overnight bag are both way more than just uniquely printed accessories.

When I was younger, the only lunch boxes you could get were made out of horrible plastic and the clips always snapped. Oh how times have changed. We’re getting to that point where our little boy is eating a lot. It’s not the odd snack here and there when we’re out now, and as his tastes become more exquisite, the size and sophistication of his lunch is growing. I never really thought about how much space something as simple as his lunch would take up, but I can’t just cram a few things into the front pocket on the bag any more.

Earlier this month, we were sent Pink Lining’s new pirate insulated lunch box has been a big hit with us and the little one. The lunch box is brightly coloured striped hot air balloon pirate ship print on cream background. It’s pretty cool with a zip opening front (no broken plastic clips!!) and a swish, adjustable carry strap so your little one can be independent/carry their own stuff for once. The lunch box has a hassle-free easy wipe interior, an elasticated bottle band to keep water bottle in place and a mesh holder to keep some food separate, to hold cutlery or a note from Mum!

As always, Pink Lining have parents in mind. The clip-on handle can be attached to a buggy handlebar so when (inevitably) the novelty of the carry strap wears off the additional baggage isn’t a burden.

It’s not just the lunch box though. The matching Pink Lining Child’s Overnight Bag is the lunch box’s big counterpart – the two go perfectly together. With an ever increasing need for space, the bigger overnight bag is really useful if a grandparent is having the boy for the day (or night.)

The bag is even big enough for family night away; there’s plenty of space inside, with a large internal zip pocket and a zipped pouch pocket on the front – just the right size for unnecessary accompaniments that inevitably sneak in! If we’re travelling really light, we can fit everyone’s things in easily – it’s handy to be able to pick the bag up and go, especially on road trips when you don’t want to unpack all of your bigger luggage on a stop (tried and tested, a real time saver.)


The Overnight Bag has the same brightly coloured pirate ship print on cream background as the lunchbox with a similar, spacious, wipe clean blue interior. Inside, the spacious zip pocket allows for a good amount of clothing and other bits and the filled shape is one that is easily manageable.

If you’re looking to spruce up your luggage, both of these Pink Lining bags come highly recommended. As they get older, children need more stuff, it doesn’t matter where you go. Having the right bags means you aren’t trying to shove things into carrier bags or filling bags so full things are spilling out (just me?!)