Top of our list of nursery bits was the Sleepyhead Deluxe mattress. It was one of the first products that my wife talked about getting. As with most things baby related, there is absolutely tonnes of options out there – but the Sleepyhead seems to come out head and shoulders above the rest.

Ours arrived in the post today (the post man is absolutely hating us this week!) and I must say I’m impressed already. The ergonomic design and instant feeling of quality is apparent the second you get the mattress out of the packaging. These were the two things that originally drew us to the product when we first came across it – interestingly, other similar products just don’t seem to have the same level of craftsmanship and care put into them…I know it sounds strange, but I just feel like the people who make the Sleepyheads, make them with so much love. I do like finding faults in stuff, especially when the missus has spent months telling me how good things are. Annoyingly, I can’t find anything wrong with this little number!

Like I say, we have based our purchases so far on recommendations and intuition. Without actually having the baby it is hard to know what’s best – the thing is, we feel like we need to be prepared and we aren’t the kind of people who just wing it. Everything I have seen regarding the Sleepyhead has been positive – even the people who aren’t totally positive can’t help but admit it is a great bit of kit. Most parents attribute their babies sleeping straight through to the mattress – that’s enough for me! At the moment, people always say “make the most of your sleep before the baby comes, because you won’t have any after!” – with all of the cool stuff we have, I’m praying the baby is going to be kipping just fine!

Safety is a big, big thing for us. I think it is for every parent, but especially so when it’s your first child. The Sleepyhead boasts some pretty impressive features and without making myself look like a complete mattress geek, the air permeability and mattresses firmness are big draws for us. The hypoallergenic materials and breathability of the fabric also tick big boxes for us…the portability and ease of washing are very, very helpful too. I can tell that the mattress will be getting loads of use, night and day.

The price tag is something that seems to put some people off getting a Sleepyhead until they are desperate and their baby isn’t sleeping very well. The way I look at it is that moses baskets are pretty much the same price and way more babies seem to sleep through in Sleepyheads. It seems simple to me – ditch the moses basket and go straight in for a Sleepyhead; more versatility, smaller and much success stories. Money saved, sleep saved.