When I look back to my time travelling, I can’t believe I went around the world with 7kg of clothes in a bag for as long as I did. Now we have a little one, things aren’t quite as simple! Any help you can get with travelling is gladly accepted and anything that is novel, with a practical function serves both as a stress saver and a distraction for the boy.

The Micro Eazy 3in1 Ride On Suitcase is a cleverly designed multi-functional travel gadget that takes a chunk of stress out of travelling. The suitcase is designed so that you little one can sit comfortably and contently on the luggage and be safely pulled along. Although we took a tiny stroller with us on holiday for sleeping, in theory, with the Micro Eazy, you don’t need a buggy to transport your toddler. It makes getting through the airport with a toddler in tow easy and tantrum free (mostly.)


Uniquely, the ride on folds down to become a hand luggage approved case, meaning that you really can travel light if you want to. We took the Eazy on board the plane with us a s hand luggage and it proved to be a brilliant little contraption to get the boy the long way from the plane to the terminal where the stroller arrived (after about a year.) The roomy 22-litre storage capacity was really handy for packing all of the distractions we needed to get our little one through the long flight.


It isn’t just the practicality that we loved about the Micro Eazy. All Micro products are precision engineered with incomparable attention to detail. The Swiss design and notorious Swiss quality are emulated in the sleek features of the product. It’s built to last. The zippers are robust and the suitcase is made from tough wearing fabric. Not only this, the whole thing is light as a feather – something that is important when a product has additional features such as wheels and a handle.


Features at a glance:

For 18 months +

3 products in 1 – ride on suitcase, hand luggage, holiday stroller

Ride on with extendable parent steering handle

Hand luggage approved – 22 litre capacity case

Lightweight stroller for use when on holiday

Personalise the front of the bag with “owl eyes” which are included as standard

Max rider weight: 20kg

Adjustable handle (85-109cm)

The thing I love most about the suitcase is that I can use it as a bag when I go away on work trips and nobody is any the wiser that it’s actually a ride on! The way in which it is designed means that the fold away wheels are stealthily hidden in to the back of the suitcase so it’s business like and professional. The capacity also means that it’s plenty big enough for a short trip away and the size of the case makes it perfect for cabin storage.


It’s products like this that make travelling for parents that little bit easier. Don’t underestimate the power of such a simple device!