Our bags are packed!

Packing bags has never been so complicated. After our visit to the hospital last week, we felt somewhat under prepared for the arrival of the baby. In reality, we are pretty ready, it’s just we didn’t have our hospital bag(s) prepared. This weekend however, we went for it.

Being typically clueless with regard to baby delivery, I thought a hospital bag just consisted of a toothbrush, some nappies and a bit of cotton wool. Once again, I was wrong. We now have three (yes three) bags in a state of preparation. I personally love a check- list, luckily so does my wife. So after spending a short/long period of time looking for the appropriate baby bag, we set to filling it up with essentials. There are lists and list of advice online about what you should and shouldn’t take – we used our common sense and got everything we thought appropriate. During the ward tour last week, we noticed the repeated emphasis on the lack of space in the hospital, so we arein the midst of sorting a baby/mum bag and a car bag for the hospital and my dad bag for being out and about.

Getting the hospital bag sorted got me thinking about my dad bag. I’m hoping be involved in baby stuff – a lot. With that said, I’m also hoping to not be lumbered with a girly bag. I’m a practical soul and I need something I can grab and use. A neat backpack from Herschel seemed like a good choice. It’s a stealth baby bag that has plenty of room for all the bits and pieces that I need. Filling it was the most fun. I’m very tactical, so I opted for some bits that impressed me.

The coolest thing I got my hands on was the Shnuggle Bum-go. This handy grey changing wrap is a wipes dispenser and a padded changing mat all in one with pockets for all your baby-changing essentials too. I love the way it has everything for changing bundled together for easy access. Nappies, wipes and the mat all rolled into one durable, folded wrap. Hopefully, it will make changing just a touch easier on the go…fingers crossed.

Another thing that is going to be a staple is the 100% cotton blanket that I got from Little-un’ UK. We have got ourselves various blankets for the nursery, but the one from Little-Un’ is a lot more versatile. It’s a perfect size for tucking into my bag for use as and when I need it. I like that it isn’t too bulky either. Really impressed with this blanket already.

The last, and by some means most important piece of “equipment” is the MAM anti-colic bottles. Obviously, I don’t have milk, so these bottles will be my feeding life line when I’m out and about. There are so many bottles around and it is so hard to know which ones to go for…but from what I have read, these are the ones to have. Stay tuned for if the reviews are right!

In addition to these bits I also have the other essentials – spare baby grows, extra nappies, toys/other distraction tools… I know it will be a while before I have to delve into my baby bag, but just having it ready makes me feel that bit more prepared.