The first few weeks of baby-ing has been a whirlwind. Along with loads of fun, we’ve also had some tears and a few tantrums (not just from the baby). Already, there are a few things that have made life easier – a few little tricks and bits that we can rely on to stop a meltdown:


IMG_4881.JPGOne of Eddison’s favourite pacifiers is actually a product that is primarily a chew toy to help with teething. He loves it though and the second his Cloud and Cuckoo ‘My Friend Goo’ finds it’s way to his mouth he is instantly chilled. He seems to like it way more than a dummy because of the shape and size. Along with pacifying, he has a bit of a sensory play and the natural rubber keeps him amused because he loves squeezing. Great product from a clearly passionate company.




My Best Man gave Eddison his first sensory cuddly toy and he loves it. The Bright Starts sensory front is brilliant. The soft material couples with the sensory components perfectly and as the baby develops, you can already see that he is figuring out the different touches and sounds. In our lad’s case also taste – he has a go on everything. Being pretty inquisitive already, it’s the perfect thing for a lad like him too. During a meltdown, a little ring from the bell or squeeze on the face distracts him brilliantly. Uncle Benny did well!




I didn’t think when we bought a baby gym, that it would just be a soft mat. I was expecting at least some chin up hoops or something. I feel slightly conned. Luckily, the boy doesn’t. He doesn’t love being on his back (unless he is in his Sleepyhead) but for some reason he absolutely buzzes when you put him in his baby gym from Mamas and Papas. It helps that the colours fit in with the wife’s house colour scheme too. Subtle.


These three things have been so useful during the first month. Check them out!