We love the snow and now we’ve got a baby, our winter holiday packing list has changed slightly. Here are my top items to include if you’re going somewhere snowy with a baby.


If you’re taking a buggy, make sure it’s an all terrain one! Big wheels with tyres are good and if you’re really going to be going a distance in the snow, get hold of some strap on skis – it makes pushing so much easier!


Using a carrier means you can keep the baby nice and snuggled with your body heat, plus you have your hands free if you were to slip. On icy ground, having a good secure carrier can be a god send!

Sheep wool blanket

One of the best things to keep the cold at bay is a sheep wool lined footmuff (or similar). If not, line your current footmuff with a sheep lining.

Body suit

Getting a nice thick snow suit means your little one can enjoy the snow properly. Most are fleeced, lined and waterproof – perfect for the cold and wet.

Thermal layers

Layers are so much more important than thickness of garments in the snow. A vest, a top, a fleece all in one and an over layer is plenty to keep your baby cozy!

A good hat

Sounds counterintuitive to most parents – of course you’ll take a hat! Make sure it’s a proper thermal hat though as the wind can be especially cold around snow.


Yes, you can buy them. Yea they look hilarious. The reflection of sunlight off the snow can be damaging to adult eyes (and really painful) so think about what it can do to little eyes. Make sure you pack some UV rated sunglasses!


Due to the air being especially cold, little faces are susceptible to drying out. A bit of coconut oil will keep skin moisturised and healthy. On the same note, just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the sun isn’t strong. Apply some good suncream before spending any time in the sun and snow. The reflection can be ruthless!