It’s no secret that once your baby starts walking, everything becomes fair game. Toys, shoes and of course anything brightly coloured is suddenly with reach after a few steps and as a parent, keeping up with your baby can be hard. Our little boy has spider-like skills and within a second he’s seemingly traversed across a room and he’s rifling through cupboards.

Up until this point, he’s pulled at the kitchen cupboards with little success, but he is quickly learning and is also becoming increasingly more dedicated when it comes to finding, stealing and moving items in cupboards. As well as it being fractionally annoying when you can’t find your car keys in the morning, it’s also pretty dangerous – the kitchen is home to some sinister stuff and now our son has figured out cupboards and drawers, we thought it was time to ramp up the baby-proofing.

As with any baby-proofing, less is more. We wanted to secure our kitchen cupboards that contain potentially dangerous items, whist not making life annoying for us. A lot of cupboard clips work by securing the inside of the cupboard with a loop or others consist of an external clip. Although effective, I didn’t want to change the aesthetics of the kitchen hugely (as we’ve only recently moved into a new house) so I asked my friends at Fred if they had any helpful solutions. They did.


The Fred Invisible Magnet Lock keeps your cupboards sleek and elegant with a hidden, child-proof magnetic lock. Unlike many cupboard locks, the Fred design is completely safe for little fingers.


Products that allow partial opening of a door means that finger-traps can form – the Fred lock keeps your cupboard or drawer completely closed at all times. Trapped fingers mean tears and I don’t like tears. It’s not just about keeping the cupboard contents secure, it’s also about making sure your space is safe too.


By utilizing the magic of magnets (it never gets old does it?) the magnetic key works through doors and drawers. Fred also supply an EZ-Dock™ which keeps the magnetic key safely out of reach when not in use, with a red spot to remind you to put it back. One of the things I thought when I first saw this product was that I’d lose the magnet key. The Fred solution is typically simple, something I absolutely adore this brand for. It wouldn’t take our boy long to figure out a loop lock, but with a magnet, he can’t fathom how or why the door won’t open. Got to keep them guessing!


Fitting is as intuitive as it gets. The locks are effective on doors and drawers up to 30mm thick, and you can fit it in seconds with no tools (or practical ability in fairness).  The EZ-Tool™ makes the locks so easy to fit – all of the tricky lining up is done for you, so you can get it right first time. The Fred SecureHold™ adhesive creates a powerful and durable bond that attaches to most surfaces in your home, and won’t tug off. From extensive pull testing from our mini-hooligan, I can vouch for the strength of the bonding. I didn’t think the M3 style stickers would be as strong as this but they really are durable. If you feel inclined to, the kit comes complete with screws to fix the parts of the lock fully and more permanently.

If you’re looking for a sleek solution to keep your cupboard raiders at bay, check out tshes locks, you won’t be disappointed.