(Post sponsored by Junior Baby Hatter)

When I was little, I used to steal my Grandad’s old, worn flat cap and I used to wear it round the house. He’d always wear one; ever since I could remember. Occasionally, he would replace it (and I’m talking rarely) when the tweed had somehow congealed and gone shiny. I hated it when he got a new one as it wasn’t worn, so the material was brittle and he was also more protective of his hats when they were new – no Worthers Originals for us if he caught us robbing it! 

As time went on and I got older, I used to try to get him to wear it backwards, just like on Kevin and Perry Go Large. Needless to say he didn’t see the funny side of it, but I did, and he always went along with it. My Grandad’s flat cap was his thing. When I think about him, it’s something that I see and now I’m a bit older, I see the sentimental value of things like his hat. 

Unfortunately, my wife has always said I look silly in flat caps (it’s true, I do) but I’ve always wanted one. When Eddison arrived with his thick blonde hair, I knew he’d be ripe for a flat cap before long. I’ve been waiting and waiting, and now I’ve had the opportunity to get him one. 


The wonderful people at Junior Baby Hatter have been kind enough to send us both (haha Elissa) a flat cap from over the pond. They are based in New York and design and produce “Tiny Caps for Tiny Chaps” so you get a stylish hat for your baby boy that looks good and fits great. They understand the daily struggle of chasing your kids, as the owners are parents themselves, so the hats have foam band caps and comfortably stay on heads throughout the day (if of course your little one allows it!).


Since it’s launch in 2014, Junior Baby Hatter has expanded from caps for babies and toddlers to adults offering matching daddy and me sets. The hats a really high quality and the classic, timeless look means that they add sophistication to any outfit. I absolutely love my flat cap, but Eddison’s is the one that gets all the attention…and I mean all the attention. Whenever he wears it, we’re asked where it is from – when we say New York, it sounds even cooler.


If you’re in the market for some stylish headwear in the run up to Fathers Day, check out the Dad and Me range from Junior Baby Hatter. A grift from the U.S that is steeped in tradition – I’d be buzzing!