(Post sponsored by Car Shades U.K)

Sometimes, you come across things that just make sense. There are a lot of baby products that are pointless, some that are futile and some that should have never been take past concept – but every now and again, you find something that is useful. Something that you wish you’d thought of yourself…a car window shade that works with the window down for example.

Car Shades are tailored fit, vehicle specific car sunshades manufactured in the UK and distributed around the world.


Unlike the sucker pad style shades with garish cartoon characters pictured on them Car Shades UK manufacture model specific, fitted shades for individual windows. This means that the shade fits the window of your car perfectly (and I mean perfectly). Along with UV protection and protection from light, the Car Shades design also allows for the shade to stay in place with the window down. Frigging genius.


Sucker pad sunshades don’t cover the full window and don’t allow for any airflow from an open window. The unique feature of Car Shades product is that you can make uncomfortable journeys more manageable by letting air into the car and keeping your baby/child cool. Eddison hates getting the sun in his eyes (don’t blame him) in the car, it sometimes makes him irritable and it stops him from kipping, which can be annoying if we need him to sleep. The perfect fit of the Car Shades protector means that the light can’t squeeze through any gaps and in turn, he’s so much happier.


As with anything, it’s not just the practicalities, it’s the look. A lot of the universal sucker pad shades don’t correctly fit the window, giving a scruffy finish – not what you want. I use my car for work and the Car Shades sun protector means I can work and also be a dad without looking unprofessional, whilst also not having to constantly pop a sun blind on and off the window. In addition, I’ve often got bits in the back of my truck I don’t want people seeing. Car Shades are perfect for keeping the back of your car secure and private, giving it a useful non-parenting function too.


Car Shades have a dedicated team manufacturing the shades at their factory in Nottinghamshire, UK where they apply a mixture of modern technologies with good old fashioned hand finishing techniques. Not only this, the company are versatile and adaptable; they go above and beyond. I’ve got a commercial vehicle and it wasn’t on their list of products; after having a shade for my wife’s car, I wanted one for mine. Car Shades researched and took the time to manufacturer a shade for my pick-up. There aren’t many companies who’ll do that for you!


With summer just round the corner, it’s worth upgrading your child’s sun protection, especially if you’ve got any longer journeys planned. I wish we’d had one of these on our road trip last summer!