Your baby’s first steps are a mixture of pure elation and sheer panic. The first few times they clamber onto their feet and stumble around like a drunken sailor, you pray to the walking gods that there are no serious injuries. As time goes on, you learn to take a step back and let your baby find their way with walking – the worry becomes (fractionally) less and they start to walk like somebody who is more sober.


One of the biggest things for us as parents was making sure we let Eddison learn for himself. Regardless of the multiple exchanges of sheer horror on our faces as he stumbled, we tried to let him learn to walk for himself. We were both very aware of rushing in when he flopped over and as a result, when he takes a tumble now, he tends to brush himself off. I never thought that walking would be something that I had to think about much as a parent, but you soon come to realise that everything you do could have an impact on your child’s development.


Considering the curiosity of our boy, it wasn’t long before he wanted to get walking outside; this opens up a whole new world. Walking inside is relatively safe and clean, outside however is a different game. Something that Eddsion needed was some shoes. He was lucky enough to get some Vans from one of my pals when he was born (which look so frigging cute) but these were still too big for him. We were really aware of the importance of getting some “proper” shoes for him to start walking outside in and we settled on some little Start-Rite numbers. We opted for the First Alex, a classic looking shoe from the First Walking range. The First Walking range is specifically designed for children who are starting to walk, so we thought they’d be perfect for starting outside adventures.


The Start-Rite First Walking shoes have a rounded toe with added growing room for feet that are soft, chubby and growing at pace. I never really considered how often the baby would need new shoes, but when the reality dawns, you realise it could be as frequently as 6-8 weeks. The rounded toes make the Start-Rite shoes a good value option in my opinion.

Another factor that I hadn’t thought about was the shape of baby feet. Obviously, our little boy isn’t/hadn’t had to have his weight on his feet before. It must be a weird feeling suddenly having to take that weight and balance. A lot of shoes have very rigid soles, but the First Walking range hasultra-flexible lightweight soles with just the right amount of grip for natural, easy movement. Another thing I like about them is that they are pretty tough. Eddi’s coordination isn’t currently a strong point with regards to foot placement and I was worried his shiny shoes would get a battering. Luckily, the shoes have a scuff-proof heel and toe bumpers for precise protection without adding weight or bulk.

Getting dressed isn’t presently an enjoyable pastime for our boy. He resists any form of dressing with a surprising amount of dedication; his shoes are no exception. The Start-Rite First Walking shoes have fastenings that are all about ease – easy on, easy off, and easy to adjust. The rip-tape strap means they can be adjusted to fit comfortably too.

I never thought about the importance of shoes. I think you get a bit used to focusing on style as an adult, so you are a bit clueless when it comes to the significance of getting yourbaby’s first shoes right. Turns out there’s more to it than I thought, so I’m pleased that we found Start-Rite Shoes.