Interior design isn’t exactly a strong point of mine. My wife does the choosing, I do the (bodged) doing. Since moving into our new house, we’ve tried to take our time and make things exactly how we want them. Having bought a new build, we have a (literal) blank canvas to work with. When I was tasked with the seemingly simple mission of finding a gold light for one of our spare rooms, I never envisaged the difficulties I would face. Luckily I found my saviour in Urban Cottage Industries. Hallelujah.


Urban Cottage Industries are an online retailer of bespoke lighting. They specialise in high quality, customised and configurable products that are made in the UK. Urban Cottage Industries offer lighting options that can be individually created by you to your specific requirements – really handy if you have a very specific design in mind that doesn’t exist in the shops (even if you spent literally hours looking for it!).


The Urban Cottage Industries website is simple and intuitive to use. The designing process is slick and easy, meaning that you can quickly create a light that fits your requirements.


It’s pretty cool that each light they manufacture is marked with its own individual serial code, with online traceability back to individual day / date / time and even the technician who made it.


The light itself arrived steeped in quality brown paper. From the moment I received it, I knew it would look perfect. The attention to detail regarding the build of the light is nothing short of phenomenal. Every little detail is perfect; even the finishing on the ends of the wires is in exact equilibrium.


I’m no electrical engineer, but fitting the light was pretty straightforward. The simple wiring diagram and instructions help disambiguate the futuristic connectors, which are included in the fitting kit, the rest is pretty intuitive.


Our Urban Cottage Industries light has transformed the room. I’m pretty proud of myself!