This weekend is going to be stressful. We aren’t getting ahead of ourselves, but we need to do some redecorating. I’m not going in on the nursery room yet but the rest of our pad needs a revamp. I have to admit, the house isn’t in bad shape, but I feel like I want a few jobs done before the baby arrives.

The problem is, my list of jobs keeps growing and now I have a mammoth task ahead of me. The wife has offered to help, but from past experience, decorating isn’t something that we do well together, so I politely declined. She will be on hand to offer harsh and precise criticism I’m sure. We are a good team – we know our strengths. I quite like doing bits of DIY; decorating isn’t my favourite though as it creates so much mess…plus I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  

The first job is going to be tidying the bedroom up. Then it’s on to filling and painting the kitchen and hallway, two rooms that to be fair take a lot of abuse. Like I say I have been meaning to do this for ages but I just haven’t. Then I’m painting the spare room (in prep for the baby – saving fully decorating it for a while) and finally it’s onto the bathroom. The last task is going to be steep, but with a little help from my pals, we should make light work of it…who am I kidding, we are going to make a right mess, but it will come good in the end (after a few phone calls to dad).

People told us we will get an overriding sense of urgency about getting the “nest” ready – I can’t say it’s that that is driving me, but I have to admit, having a little one on the way has got me to reassess my priorities. Normally at the weekend, we would go and do some bits; maybe get some food or see a few friends and then laze around and watch T.V – you know normal things. Suddenly though, I can’t just sit still and not do stuff. We still have plans to see people but I feel adult all of a sudden and in a weird way I’m starting to do the stuff my dad does in between social plans – I think I’m starting to “dad” for myself!

It’s weird to think that in say 28 years, my son or daughter might be calling me and asking how to sort something in their house. It’s even weirder to think that in a few short months I will have a son/daughter! Enough rambling, I better get on with filling!