(This post is sponsored by Joules)

Getting outdoors is one of the things we love the most. There’s something about being outside that just relaxes me and now we’ve got a little one, we’ve got even more of a reason to go on adventures. 

Before our son was born, we promised ourselves we wouldn’t change what we do…obviously that was a pipe dream, but one thing we have stuck to is getting outdoors. Because of this, the boy lives being out and about and there’s nothing more rewarding as a parent than watching him explore and experiment with the world. 


Gone are the days now of him chilling in the buggy as we walk around. Things are much more active now and as his sense of adventure grows, we are always looking for ways to stimulate his love for his surroundings. It’s also weirdly interesting as a parent to rediscover all of those little things about the world you may have forgotten. As adults, we are so a-tuned to our busy lives, we often forget the magic of the little things…and having a mini-adventurer brings a lot back to you.


Woodlands are places for discovery and adventure. The thing is, they need looking after. The countryside is a place that we need to make sure we cherish. The freedom from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities is so important and with kids’ lives focusing so much around technology now, we need to make sure they still know the magic of the outdoors. 


Joules have teamed up with The Woodland Trust to highlight the importance of protecting and creating woodland, so that it can be enjoyed by everyone – now and in years to come.

The woods – large or small, are a great place for little explorers, there’s so much to see, enjoy and discover.  To help you make the most of our precious woodland Joules have put together a list of 20 activities that will have everyone reaching for their wellies. 


The activities range from looking for bits and bobs to checklists of animals. The tracking bit is my favourite. Check the guide out here to find out some more! 

Make the most of being outside this winter! 

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