I, like most dads, have very little experience of TENS machines. My wife used one when she first went into labour, but apart from that, I had no idea about them. I knew that they had something to do with electric shocks and that you could borrow them for pharmacies, but I’d never heard of them being used for anything other than a distraction measure during labour… until recently.
Over my life, I’ve always done sports. Be it boxing, rugby, jujitsu or Thai boxing – even going to the gym – I’ve always been active and I’ve picked up my fair share of injuries. I’m 30 now and my muscles like to remind me of that from time to time. Combining an active lifestyle with the strains of parenting (lugging a 20kg toddler from between the obstacles that he’s managed to wedge himself between) my body is giving me strains and aches after exercise that I haven’t had before.
OMRON recently sent me one of their HeatTens machines to try out. I’ve been having some trouble with my shoulder (years of hitting a static punch bag and pads I suppose) and nothing I tried even touched it. The HeatTens is a pain reliever is designed to reduce and relieve muscle and joint pain, stiffness and numbness by applying electrical nerve stimulation to the surface of the skin near the site of the pain. The HeatTens offers both soothing heat and relieves pain using TENS technology and as it turns out, means it’s brilliant at getting to those hard to reach strains and pains.

The machine combines two complementary therapies (soothing heat and TENS technology) to relieve muscle and joint pain and soothing heat therapy increases metabolic activity, relaxes the muscles and soothes pain. TENS helps to block the pain message, trigger the release of endorphins and to improve blood circulation.
The HeatTENS offers 3 main therapy choices, 2 heat intensities and 9 preset TENS modes for dedicated body zones along with 20 intensity settings to customise your treatment. Quite honestly, you can use it for anything. Arms, legs, joints, muscles and the best thing is it’s a drug free pain relief that you can easily use at home yourself.


Using the HeatTens was really simple, even for somebody like me who has no patience whatsoever. The two pads are situated at equal distances over the area of discomfort and then the desired treatment is selected – you can then decide on the intensity and duration. One of my friends is an ex-olympian and she was absolutely amazed at how effective it was at relieving pain after a half marathon. Paying a physio hundreds (if not thousands) to relieve aches and strains is one thing, but having the convenience of being able to treat yourself at home is a whole new game.

So far, I’ve used the HeatTens on my hip flexor issue and on a shoulder strain I’ve had intermittently for years. For injuries that are frustrating and sometimes take months to feel normal again, the HeatTens has really helped. I’ve also been able to avoid any pain medication and before that hasn’t been the case. I’m not against using painkillers, but they make me feel drowsy and rotten and in my line of work that’s no good.


If you suffer from any aches and strains from being active, have a look into the OMRON HeatTens, it’s a handy bit of kit.