It has finally got to that time of year where I contract my annual cold. Now, this isn’t a little cough – oh no. To me it’s the Black Death. The world is ending and I need to tell every single person I see just how bad my condition is. My man flu is worse than anything in the world. Ever. If I’m being honest, I can’t really harp on too much this year as my wife is growing a child inside her, so anything that happens to me in comparison is pretty minimalistic. That said, this year I’m suffering more than ever!

As my nose blocks and cough starts, I normally reach for our well stocked medicine cabinet. A plethora of Lemsips, Vitamin C tablets, decongestants and throat sweets normally makes my man flu (almost) bearable. Alas, not this year. In my zombie like state I dragged myself all the way to the cupboard, only to find that we don’t have half of the usual surplus! As it turns out, you can’t take half of the cold and flu stuff during pregnancy – well of course you can – but it is recommended you shouldn’t.

At this point, I’m faced with a moral dilemma: Option 1) go to the shop and buy loads of stuff and fight my cold in comfort, coupled with the light fragrance of lemon OR Option 2) I do the right thing and battle (I emphasise the verb ‘battle’ here) armed only with compassion and good will for my wife’s feelings… It’s a hard one. I wouldn’t normally consider only using flu medicine in secret, that’s weird, but it’s like the drinking thing – I just feel bad. Also, unlike ever before, I don’t want nursing. I’m petrified I will give it to the wife – the last thing I want is for her to be ill!

The missus had a pretty bad cold not so long back and she had to battle it out. I kind of feel like I should do the same too. Bless her, she offered to get me some Lemsips and stuff (and she didn’t even do the “you better not say yes face”) but I declined. Upon reflection, I’m not sure I want any. I know a lot of things you read are hearsay, but if one of the ingredients in Lemsip could cause mutations to a child in the womb, what the hell am I doing sinking them like Jägerbombs?! This having a baby stuff has really opened my eyes to product labelling. Lemsip is just one of the long list of things that I have noticed may not be suitable for pregnant women (another biggie being Pizza Express salad dressing – nightmare).

Being a man, I will fight this flu. I will brave it out and go to work. I will make sure that everyone knows my plight and my struggle…but I won’t be taking any Lemsips, because deep down, I know it’s not fair.