We have been on a shopping spree over the last couple of weeks. It’s mad how quickly you become a baby product expert – or at least feel like an expert! I wouldn’t say we are impulsive buyers, in fact we are quite the opposite. Except for baby clothes (which are obviously impulsive 89% of the time) we have made sure that the baby products we have bought are right for us… with that said, until the baby comes we don’t really know.

The big thing for us was deciding on a buggy. We settled on the iCandy All Terrain. The main reasoning behind this was a) our love for being outdoors, b) the robust build quality of this buggy and c) it looks cool as. Unlike so many of the models we looked at, the All Terrain seemed more rugged and robust – a vital feature when you have two very heavy handed adults. The three wheels also appealed to us because it makes the buggy so easy to handle… wow, I can’t believe I just said that! I’m chuffed that after looking for so long we found something that actually fits our lifestyle. It wasn’t cheap but MotherCare had 10% off and we managed some other bits of discount too. Cheers!

Besides the buggy, we also have various other essentials, most of which again just seemed to fit our life. We picked up a Motorolla MBP26 baby monitor which has already given me hours of fun. HD camera and sound – I feel like James Bond! I can’t get over the picture quality and it even has night mode. The other biggie was a Chicco “Next to me” crib. It wasn’t an essential on our list but we have heard such good things, we thought we would go for one. In fairness, it will double up as a travel cot so we will certainly find use for it after the little one leaves our room. We also have an ErgoPouch on the way too; they look so cosy and I loved the look of the ferns on it – fits right in with the nursery theme. 

People have been amazing too. Friends have got us bits and bobs that they have seen and my parents are getting enough books to fill a library! Our baby is going to have a serious amount of stuff by the time he/she gets here! It’s so nice to have other people getting things too though – it just shows how excited other people are which makes us even more excited! 

The house is quickly becoming a babyzone with stuff everywhere. We are now having to seriously consider where it’s all going to be put – mostly in the attic for the time being! The nursery is underway now and we have some storage under the cot (which isn’t coming for a month) but we need to figure out exactly where stuff is going. I’m secretly buzzing for the nursery to be finished, I think it’s going to look great. 

The baby is going for it now, I mean really, really moving around… maybe they know that we are getting ready for them to arrive… just so you know though baby, we aren’t ready yet!!