Travelling with a toddler is…interesting (to say the least.) Packing up and setting off on holiday isn’t as it once was for us. With a little one in tow, how you pack, what you pack and the practicality of what you pack it in suddenly all become much more important. With that in mind, taking a bulky travel system on a plane is an added annoyance that I for one would prefer to avoid.

The Jet

We were lucky enough to have been sent the Silver Cross Jet to take with us on holiday this year. The Jet is the all-new, ultra-compact lightweight travel stroller that folds into a seriously small package… in fact, it’s so small, it can be used as a piece of cabin baggage and stowed away in the overhead locker or in fact at your feet under the chair in front (seriously, it’s tiny.) The other useful function is that it can be wheeled like a small suitcase, so when you’re not using it but you’re laden with bags, having a stroller doesn’t become a hindrance. The Jet also includes a handy cover to keep everything tidy whilst you’re on your travels – it’s a brilliant little contraption.


Our boy is at the size that he’s too heavy to carry for a prolonged period of time and our “daily” buggy is an all-terrain style one, so it just wasn’t really suitable to take on this trip. The Jet in contrast weighs just 5.8kg and boasts similar, if not better comfort features than our normal buggy. It has a soft padded lie-flat seat, multi-position recline and adjustable calf support to ensure your little one is comfortable when they’re riding.


Something that I have always worried about with strollers is the stability. Don’t get me wrong, no stroller will be as sturdy as a full travel system due to the lightweight design (a compromise I’m willing to make with 60kg of bags plus hand luggage to haul) but the Jet is surprisingly robust. What I like most about the stroller is that when it’s up, it wheels easily and doesn’t tip, so you can push it one handed with ease.  Even on sand, the buggy is relatively stable and usable.



A couple of the features that have made the Jet particularly stand out to us on this holiday are the   fully extendable UPF50+ hood and the air-flow ventilation system. Both of these features coupled with the recline options meant that the boy happily slept on the beach in that shade and we didn’t need to worry about him a) getting burnt and b) getting too hot. On recline, the seat is like a hammock…no complaints for him at all!

Silver Cross really have thought about this little stroller. All the fine details have been accounted for and I think that more than constitutes the price tag that comes along with it. The flip-flop-friendly brakes are easy to use, while the lockable front swivel wheels and dynamic spring suspension provide a smooth ride. There is no compromise on safety features either, with the five-point safety harness keeping the main passenger comfortably but securely in place.

Additional perks

Unlike a lot of strollers, the Jet converts into a compact travel system with the addition of the Simplicity car seat and adaptors. This added bonus is another thing that makes the buggy such good value for money. Most strollers aren’t car seat compatible and this little feature means that next time we have a baby, we can use the stroller from a young age.

All in all, the Jet is a brilliant little travel buggy. It’s light, it’s tiny and its comfortable. It boasts a serious specification and it’s designed with parents in mind. We’re really impressed with both the functionality and practicality.

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