A couple of weeks ago, we started the nursery. I have to say, the bits we have done look amazing; I’m so chuffed. Unfortunately, with our over increasing baby inventory, some things have had to go and a room that was looking nearly complete now looks like a small (very focused) tornado has swept through.

In the build up to having the baby, we have bought, been given and in some cases borrowed stuff. Our house isn’t very big, so in the excitement, we have essentially stockpiled baby gear with absolutely nowhere to put it. We hit breaking point last night and had a mass exodus of everything we don’t need anymore…it got messy.

I’m a hoarder when it comes to clothes. I still have t-shirts I was wearing at uni. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear them anymore (obviously), but I like to keep them for sentimental reasons…I’m not sure why they are sentimental. So last night, I ripped off the proverbial plaster and tore through my drawers in search of things I no longer needed. The midsize did the same. We were ruthless. After an hour, there was finally space for most of the baby stuff, with some reserve just in case.

The thing that pained me the most was the loss of our spare bed. The cot simply won’t fit in the spare room with the bed so I had to take it down last night. It’s not a normal bed, it’s one of those Swedish puzzles that you need a degree in engineering to construct and a PhD in astrophysics to take down. After a lengthy battle and a few choice swear words, we finally have space for the cot and other bits that are coming later in the month. Result.

Having a baby on the way really has motivated us into sorting loads of things we should have done ages ago. Although a lot has changed for us recently, all of the change is good and I’m really pleased with how prepared we feel – by prepared, I absolutely, by no means am implying we are ready for the baby yet! No, no, no. I mean prepared in terms of the nest. A bit of wallpaper and we will have a big tick in the nursery box.