We have got to the stage where we can’t avoid the fact the baby needs to come out. The honeymoon period of the second trimester is over and inevitably, soon (in 4 weeks and 6 days) our little bundle of joy will be making its way into this world unaware of the destruction and chaos they will cause on route. During our ward visit, the midwives recommended we wrote a birth plan to ensure that everyone is clear about what we (Lis) wants during the time at hospital… we have gone for it – I mean seriously, our birth plan is solid.

It seems strange to write a plan for something that you have never experienced before and then hand it to professionals who deliver babies every single day; but in my eyes a birth plan is a great way to ensure things go the way you want them to. It’s a way of making you comfortable and it just lets the midwives know how best to help, or not as the case may be. Using our knowledge from NCT and hypnobirthing, as well as things we have read we have a good idea about how would ideally want things to pan out.

The birth plan format given on the NHS notes wasn’t to my liking. Oh no. It was too restrictive and I wasn’t too keen on having just one copy attached in a booklet which could be easily mislaid. Instead, I did what I do best and made a lesson plan – but for birth. Applying all of my teacher skills, I broke the birth down into sections and covered the content chronologically – yep, I literally covered every stage. I started with the essential information – completed hypnobirthing course (with self-proclaimed merit grade), want to keep placenta for encapsulation (blog coming on that one – eww) and of course the disclaimer about us and a quick note that we know nothing much about birth, and the plan written is simply what we think we want…because we haven’t done this before!

We then had a talk about what would happen at each stage; starting labour, birthing environment, during labour, birthing the baby, placenta, afterwards. Without being too drill sergeant about it, I wrote down everything under the subheadings to ensure it was all clear. Also, if the midwives change shift, they can just pass all of the information over to their colleague – helpful! I won’t be too specific, but topics covered included; people in the room, atmosphere, who would be where, movements, how pain relief would be requested and so on… again, there was a huge emphasis on us being baby birthing rookies.

The idea of this birth plan for us, is to give us a bit of direction for the birth. Yea, it is to guide the midwives in terms of likes and dislikes, but it is more so about making Lis comfortable and ensuring we can use some of the methods taught to us for birthing. The thought of just walking in and letting somebody else take over after all of our hard work seems counter productive! Feel free to get in touch if you would like to see our plan or get the template!