There are so many courses that you are offered as a parent to be and deciding which to do can often be quite difficult. Business around parenting is huge and the pressure to at least do some classes is prevalent. The issue is, all of these classes cost money and take time and we have had some difficulty deciding on what to actually do and how much we can afford. This weekend we attended one (of the few) baby classes we have booked – bay first aid – I have to say it was really useful.

I’m not expecting to have to save our baby on a daily basis, but knowing what to do if the situation arises is something I feel quite strongly about. I have been in situations in my life where a little bit of medical knowledge may have changed the outcome and without going into too much detail, I look back and wish I had been more prepared. So, when my wife suggested a couple of hours on a Saturday doing first aid I was game. The course was run by The Birth Academy and Jo (the instructor) took us through some theoretical situations, taught us some skills and then gave us some advice. For £23, I was really impressed and leaving the room I felt a sense of empowerment and knowledge which (for £23) I wasn’t expecting.

The course covered things like choking and removing breathing hazards, CPR, burns, breaks and bruising and rashes, all things I have dealt with when doing adult first aid…but baby first aid was so much different. Yes, the mannequin was weird; yes, I felt awkward taking my turn to resuscitate an inanimate object in font of 12 strangers; yes, I could have sat on the sofa and watched YouTube instead of going…but I now know and have tried in practice all of these skills.

I pray that I never have to use any of this stuff. Obviously, any parent hopes that they don’t have to do any of these things, but if the situation arises, I think that having some idea of what to do could be the difference between life and death. Not only that, I’m going to be around children more and more as my own grows up, so the thought of being able to help others makes my Saturday morning session even more valuable.

You cant get much for £23 these days, so when you’re looking at NCT and all of the other courses out there, don’t overlook the courses that may save a life.