Picking the right car seat is a real challenge. It’s even harder when you’re getting one for a grandparent…it needs to be even easier to use, even lighter and even more robust than our every day one! The market is pretty saturated and when budget is limited, you want to make sure you get some bang for your buck. 

Enter the Ickle Bubba Solar car seat, the Group 1-2-3 Isofix and recline car seat.

It’s an impressive piece of kit and my mum is obsessed with hers. We got the seat recently, but it’s suitable from just 9 months and goes all the way up to 12 years, or for those of you who go by weight,  9kg to 36kg. 


The Solar offers some pretty mint features – advanced safety performance and a luxury two-tone suede fabric perfect for keeping your child cool. The integrated isofix connection and top tether strap allows for easy installation and peace of mind knowing it’s correctly installed in your vehicle – something my mum was really worried about. It’s also really easy to get in and out of the car, so if they ever use my dad’s truck, they can whip the seat out and refit it easily. 


One of the Solar’s unique features is its magnetic buckle retainers which hold the safety straps in position making it easier to move the boy in and out of the seat. It’s these little features that make the seat so functional. It’s not just practical though, it’s comfortable too; it has 3 reclining positions for increased ergonomic head support and is tested & approved in accordance with regulation ECE R44/04.


Overall, the Solar is class and it’s easy to use (even for grandparents).