You live and you learn, or so the old saying goes. I must admit, pregnancy is no exception – there are a few things that I wish we had discovered earlier.

The first one is the Theraline Nursing Pillow. Sleeping during the second trimester was testing for both of us. The pillow we had wasn’t really up to the job so we looked into an alternative. The Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow has a filling made up of millions of tiny micro pearls that are as light as a feather. By replacing our original pillow, the missus got to sleep muck more quickly, as the pillow was so malleable. The filling conforms to the shape of your body and I have to admit, as the bloke, it’s way more comfortable too…not that dad’s comfort is a factor when you’re in the market for a pregnancy pillow! Have a look at the pillow on the Theraline website . I wish we had got this little number earlier in the pregnancy – it’s helped loads with sleep, something we both want to make the most of before the baby!

The second thing I wish I had discovered was that there is always a sale on somewhere…but you don’t always save money. I’m a sucker for a massive 30% off sticker, but recently whilst at one of the “bigger” baby retailers, I noticed that although they were offering a percentage off, they had in fact increased the price of the product by the same amount…naughty. I think we have shopped pretty smart. We haven’t paid full price for much, but having gone through the bedlam of baby events, I’m now wise to their mind games – shame I can’t get a certain somebody else to see them.

Thirdly, I wish we had gone to IKEA earlier. Dear god, I can’t believe I have said that. In essence, any furniture you buy for the baby is exactly the same – the main difference is the price. IKEA had some amazing nursery stuff and was significantly cheaper than baby retailer for furniture. Is the quality as good? I think so. Do you have to assemble it regardless? Yep. So why pay a fortune for a very similar product? It seems like a no brainier…although braving that forsaken he’ll hole isn’t the easiest of tasks. At least the meatballs sweeten the deal.

All in all, these things seem pretty minor; however, each has had a huge impact either financially or mentally or in some cases both!