It’s been a brilliant summer and I’m not looking forward to the holidays ending. As a teacher, it’s amazing being able to spend so much time with your own children when you’re on school holidays, but it really reminds you just how hard it can be parenting all the time. I wouldn’t change this summer for the world, but at times, it’s been really tiring!


Obviously, I spend time on my own with our baby, but it’s crazy how similar each day can be with a child – even if you’re doing fun thing fun the middle. This summer has given me some real insight into what it’s like to be a full time parent and I’ve got to say, working is easy in comparison (and I’ve got a hard job).


I’ve heard some absolute corkers when it comes to people without kids. They say things like: what do you do all day then? Must be nice to have all that time off! Part timer! – I’ll tell you what I do, I clean up 5 meals a day and I am on complete jester duty from 6 am to 6 pm with no breaks (with a tough crowd)…oh and I do it for free.


Going to actual work is way, way easier than looking after a child all day. I’m totally in awe of parents who look after their babies day in, day out. Yes, going to work means you miss your baby, but it gives you a break from the monotony of routine, you get some adult time and a change of scenery.

Huge respect to parents who stay at home with their babies every day.