I’m not really a fashion and lifestyle kind of guy, but I’m making an exception here. I recently received a wooden watch from Jord watches based in America. Now, I’ve been searching for a watch for months – I’m so fussy, but when I found the Dover in ebony and copper, I instantly fell in love. It is an absolute masterpiece of craftsmanship and it has certainly made an impact on my wrist (not just because I’m now on time for some things).

From the start of the ordering process on the Jord website, all through delivery and especially when the watch arrived I have been hugely impressed. Being in the U.K can be a pain sometimes when it comes to buying from America. The Jord website (thankfully) displays prices is USD and English Pound Sterling, saving the usual awkward money translation. As well as this, delivery is swift and really efficient. My watch was with me within a week and remained trackable throughout its trip to me. Before I opened the outer box, I knew from the pre-delivery service I was in for a treat.

The wooden display box alone is enough to impress. It boasts quality and exudes sophistication – two things I have learnt to expect from Jord. As I opened the box, sat on a hessian cushion was sat my Dover watch. Impressed already. As I watched the skeleton of the timepiece slowly tick back and forth, I admired the intricacy of the workmanship of the watch. All of the cogs and wheels are on display creating a sophisticated yet warming feel to the mechanics. Encapsulated within a wooden body, the heart of the watch is powered by the self-driving automatic system – there is no battery here!

The outer casing of the watch is crafted from ebony wood and each time piece is dated and stamped with the time of its birth – a very personal touch. The wood creates a warm feel and is surprisingly comfortable to wear. The links are well spaced and unlike many metal watches, there is no nip from the strap when the watch slips and moves. Adjustment is easy and I was quickly able to remove the required links to make the watch fit perfectly.


The watch face is finished with a beautiful copper colour, perfectly complimenting my rose gold wedding ring. The inner face is protected by toughened sapphire crystal glass, giving the watch a hidden tough side that is durable and ready for the everyday wear and tear any watch will inevitably go through. I think it is the copper that draws the eye – a lot of people have asked me about the watch, it is a real talking point!

If you’re in the market for an affordable but individual watch, look no further than Jord. The concept of wood watches isn’t something I can say has every interested me before, but I’m impressed. Really impressed! Head over to http://www.jordwatches.com/ and check them out. Oh and if you fancy saving a few quid (or dollars) follow this link: https://www.jordwatches.com/g/thehonestdad  !