Pre and post birth, decision making when it comes to dinner has never been my wife’s strong point. I love cooking (which is great for her) but I’m not very good at being hugely original and she’s even worse at telling me what she wants to eat. The family staples that I learnt from my mum and a few things I picked up from my travels are about the extent of my culinary repertoire so when I stumbled across the HelloFresh app featuring the Flavour Generator I was buzzing.

The problem I’ve always found with recipes is that you need to know what you want before you can search for one – no good for indecisive eaters like us. Now we’ve got the baby, it’s even more difficult deciding what to eat and I have even less time (or inclination) to search through websites and books for recipes. HelloFresh’s Flavour Generator is different; it helps you decide what to eat. You don’t search for dish from the outset – it’s much broader. You start off by entering a cuisine from the list, followed by your flavour feeling. The Flavour Generator then comes up with dishes that may tickle your fancy. This eliminates loads of things you don’t want, so you’re not trawling through loads of recipes. A great time saver.

The Flavour Generator gives you different options for dishes – you can choose from the suggestions given, or you can choose “spin again” to give more options using the same parameters. The great thing about the generator is that you don’t have to know exactly what you want – you just need to have a starting point. The generator works using key ingredients from each cuisine type, very clever. Like I say, family life with a baby is tough so having some help when it comes to generating new ideas is most welcome.

Once you’ve found something that you fancy, the app then gives you the recipe and step by step instructions on how to make the food; it couldn’t be easier. The instructions include shopping lists, utensils and nutritional information all essentials for a quick and easy cook. What I’m finding I love most about the app’s instructions is that there are tonnes of pictures. There are pictures for each step, so I know what it’s meant to look like and also I find it strangely helpful that the ingredients list has pictures on too. Obviously I know what a lemon looks like, but searching for some of the more exotic ingredients is so much easier when you know what they look like! Another great feature is that you can adjust the recipient for the amount of people you’re cooking for. Helpful.

The other night I smashed out the chicken fajitas for our friends and they went down an absolute treat!


HelloFresh is an impressive and massively helpful app. The instructions are detailed and the recipes are so flavoursome. I love the variety of cuisines, especially the Middle Eastern. I’m hoping in time, the app developers add in some Asian and American specialities but so far, since finding the app, dinner time is way more fun in our house…and less stressful too!