I’ve written a couple of pieces on bathing recently for different sites and I’ve refrained from saying much about bathing products. It’s a sticky subject. There are tonnes out there to choose from, but what’s best? Are the big names most reputable? What about all of the rumours? Is anything safe anymore?(!)


Certain companies (names excluded) are frequently accused of not making products safe enough for babies. Carcinogenic ingredients (being one of the big ones in the headlines recently) and irritants aren’t what you’d expect in products that you are using on your little one’s skin. Whisperings about such products become amplified and suddenly well known household brands come under fire, with everyone on social media quickly become a chemical analyst after reading an article on The Daily Mail. What was safe a few years ago, is suddenly dangerous – it can be pretty hard to know what’s right.

When it comes to bathing products, I think it’s best to keep it simple. I’ve had so many emails off the back of my BabyCentre pieces asking what we use at bath time. I’m no preacher nor an expert (by any means) but of all the body washes I’ve used, the Kokoso baby is by far my favourite. Simple, organic and beautiful smelling, it’s all I will wash the baby with. I also rate the coconut oil they do to – It’s high quality and does what it says on the tin. I like the Kokoso gear because it’s not full of chemicals and scents – and because it agrees with the baby.


The only other thing we use in the bath is a drop or two of Mustela sensory bubble bath from time to time. The boy loves it when he splashes and he makes bubbles (to be fair, so do I when I’m in the bath).


The baby bath product market is pretty saturated. Use your head when you’re buying bath time products, don’t just reach for the cheapest product. Think about; additives, colourants, scents and chemicals. You don’t have to be a scientist to see something is full of rubbish!

Also, remember that big companies pay big money for people to promote their products publicly. Don’t be drawn in. When it comes to bathing, do what’s best for your baby and keep the products simple. I think it’s the safest thing to do!