When I found out that our baby was a boy, I was really surprised. For all of the pregnancy, I was convinced we were having a girl. The sonographers did everything they possibly could to ruin the surprise for us, but I was still absolutely set that we would be having a girl. As with most predictions in my life, I was wrong (no surprise there) and regardless, I was completely over joyed about having a little lad.


I never wanted a girl over a boy, I just thought we were having a girl. The second my son arrived, I suddenly couldn’t imagine having a girl any more and my forward visions (those ones you have when you’re trying to envisage your life post birth) that previously had a girl in, suddenly had a boy in. Weird how your mind changes things so quickly.

As time has gone on and our little boy has started to grow up, we’ve started having more and more boy moments. He reacts totally differently to me than he does his mum. With his mum, the baby is loving and is absolutely besotted by her. He will sleep on her and (sometimes) give her a kiss and a cuddle. With me however, the baby is the complete opposite; it’s all go! The boy just wants to play with me and he absolutely loves danger. It’s such a contrast to the way he acts with his mum.


The baby finds his mum hilarious, but when I’m playing with him, I have to step it up or he’s not happy. My wife often looks on with a mixture of intrigue and horror at what we get up to and I think secretly she worries about the danger levels. I wouldn’t say we actually do anything really dangerous, it’s just maybe not as well thought through as she would like.


Having fun and being boys together has allowed me to really bond with my son. If it’s not a slide or a swing, it’s some kind of superman flying or throwing and I love that he loves it. To be fair, I don’t think I’d be much different if we had a girl. Maybe it’s just a dad thing!


I’m so excited for what’s to come because every day being a dad gets more and more fun and I feel more and more like I’m actually doing it right. Buzzing.