I recently wrote a blog for BabyCentre about milestones that catch you by surprise. Today, another milestone was ticked off and it was insane – Eddison had his first hair cut. I’ve never been sentimental about hair (except that time I shave my hair off in the kitchen at uni) but when it comes to our boy’s, I’m attached. He was born with loads of hair which has always been wild and today, for the first time, he had some of it snipped. 


I love getting my hair sorted. It’s taken me years, but I’ve found a barber that I implicitly trust (with my hair, not my heart) and it was so good being able to take my little boy along with me. A lot of barber shops are rushed and busy and I think hair cuts for little ones can be a bit…well, traumatic. Luckily, this wasn’t the case for us. Having a barber who both knows what they’re doing and genuinely enjoys cutting kids hair made the who experience brilliant. 


There was no way Eddison was going to make it easy for Mark, but after a good twenty minutes of patience, calculation and perseverance, the job was done and our feral looking animal emerged a neatly trimmed boy. It took me holding and my wife distracting to get him to stay in one spot for more than five seconds but it was a fun experience for everyone (except maybe Eddison who gave Mark a good few death stares). 

There’s something weird about a first haircut. I didn’t think it would be so special but it really was. Between worrying about the baby moving and losing an ear and trying to distract him long enough to not pull the comb out of the barber’s hand, there was a strange sense of pride. I always thought I’d be a bit sad when our little boy started growing up, but today proved the opposite. It got me really excited (again) about the stuff we are going to be able to do together.


I’ve got really fond memories of going for haircuts with my dad as a teenager. I used to feel so grown up in a proper barbers and I hope as Eddison gets older, we continue the tradition of going together. Obviously I need to adjust to the shift of being the one to pay (thanks for the hair cuts Dad). 

So thanks to Mark for cutting Eddison’s hair so well and thanks to James for making funny faces and continually waving whilst trying to cut someone else’s hair. Check out Slog and Hustle’s Instagram for some hair inspiration and some actual life inspiration – these two have truly built something special in their first year of owning their own shop.