(Post sponsored by Pink Lining)

Our son is quickly growing up and it’s like he is already 15 in his head. At times, he’s an absolute diva and I know he’s going to be a handful in years to come! His new favourite thing is rejecting any type of walking help. He went through a short phase of holding hands, but alas that little stint has already passed. Any time we try to offer any assistance now, we’re met with a sharp pull away or the death stare – I’m not sure which hurts most.


I’m not a huge fan of reins; I don’t have a personal vendetta against them, I just think they look a bit weird. With that said, I also hate the thought of our boy running off on a random tangent and hurting himself. When Pink Lining got in touch and offered to send one of their Mini Rucksacks, I was buzzing. Our little boy loves a bag (again, absolute diva) and having his own bag is both incredibly cute and also a helpful way of reducing the load of our own bag!


The Percy the Puffin bag has a zip pocket on the front which is ideal for toys, snacks or food. It’s immediately accessible, with plenty of space inside for must-have bits and bobs, or in our case the bounty of Eddison’s labours (car keys and tea coasters). He loves having the bag on his back when we are out and about. The Mini Rucksack comes with reins, which are integrated into the bag and straps. I like the covert nature of the reins – they aren’t too garish and I feel far less like I have my child on a leash (even though I absolutely do!).


Having a little one who dashes about at random means that you can often be living on the edge. Having some element of control regarding movement, I feel much more in control on walks. Although movement is learnt and improved on through mistakes, I think it’s important to ensure that you give your baby a helping hand once they start toddling – especially when they are outside on the hard floor. The Mini Rucksack is a great way to make my little boy feel independent whilst I keep a careful hand on his explorations.


There are some baby products that just look cute. A little bag is certainly one of those things. The Percy the Puffin bag makes our little man look ultra-cute. I don’t know what it is about seeing your little one pottering around with min gear on, but it puts a massive smile on my face.

If you’re looking for an alternative to reins, or simply a stylish little bay that gives your toddler some extra independence, check out The Percy the Puffin bag – it’s great!