Weaning your baby is a right laugh. Seeing them try different foods for the first time, seeing their tastes develop and of course the nuclear nappies. Feeding your child is an ever changing challenge though and it’s hard to keep up sometimes.

Purees to solids

The best thing about when your baby starts to eat is their face as they try new things. There are so many ways that people chose to wean their children. We started on purees and transitioned to solids as the boy’s teeth came through. Luckily, my mum was well into cooking for the baby and we got freezer re-stocks every week. With it being my mum, everything was good, organic stuff. Some of the it the baby loved, some not so much, but we knew he was getting goodness! During the day we gave him snacks that were good for him… He got (and still has) a bit of a taste for Heavenly snacks. They’re great for new tastes and they don’t have any nasties in them.

Now, our boy pretty much eats what we do and we have varying degrees of success. Inevitably, there are parts of every dinner that have an express trip to the floor… but it’s good to keep testing new foods.


Water is normally our drink of choice for the boy, he’s pretty good at drinking (whey) and although he loves throwing his bottle around, he gets through a fair amount every day. Before bed, he has some cherry juice – the jury is out on how helpful this is. As a treat he loves a Jude’s milkshake. It’s good to give him a bit of variation that we know isn’t full of additives. I get pretty jealous though and end up having one too! I think as your child gets older, there are so many temptations when it comes to drinks. We’re avoiding squash for as long as we can but inevitably it’s going to happen soon!


You don’t really think about storage of food too much until you have a baby. I just used to have an old pot I used for everything. Now, the classic pot is of course still a strong contender when it comes to baby food storage. You can pick up a set of pots pretty cheap. (check the lids are decent and the pots are microwave safe – sounds silly but you’d be surprised). If you’re feeling a bit more advanced, check out the Infantino Squeeze Station. It compressed food into pouches (like the ones you buy from the shops) and these pouches are brilliant for squeezing food out on the go. What I love most about the pouches is that there’s way less mess when you’re feeding and you can store loads of them in a fairly small space. Win. A great little addition to the kitchen.