Travelling is something that brought me and my wife together. From the day we first met and started talking about our adventures on our first date, to the plans we are making for the future, travelling is a passion we both live for. With our fingers and toes crossed, we hope the baby has the same love. In anticipation we have a few trips sorted for the summer but in true fashion, we are bored of the cold so we are off to Morocco for a few days of sun soon.

We booked our most recent escapade months ago, adamant that the baby wouldn’t stop us getting about. To be fair, so far the baby has travelled in the womb to Spain and Austria quite happily so we are hoping we are on to a good thing! Anyway, we booked Morocco as a kind of pre-baby trip before we baton down the hatches and wait out the arrival.

Lots of people have been shocked that we are going away. I don’t really get that though. They keep saying –“Wow you’re brave!” Am I missing something? Yes we have a baby on the way, but since when did that stop you from travelling? I started to question our decision, but I still can’t work out what people think the problem is. I have learnt a bit about travelling with a bump though.

Most insurers suggest you don’t travel without additional cover in the final 12 weeks of pregnancy without consulting your GP – check. In addition, packing the pregnancy notes can’t hurt – check. Finally, making sure you’re familiar with local traditions regarding pregnancy isn’t a bad shout. It avoids any awkwardness when you are approached – check. We have had some pretty mad trips together, but I have never felt so prepared as we are for this one!

The baby is going to be a right jetsetter hopefully, not the worst start so far! Maybe I’m being naïve and going to Africa with a pregnant wife is going to be a nightmare…I think it’s all about your outlook though. Things are only an issue if you let them be! Will keep you all updated…