Towards the end of pregnancy, Lis was starting to feel “like her body wasn’t hers” – I guessed it must be like having a really bad hangover, except you havn’t been drunk (for months). With all of these gift box companies popping up on Instagram, I decided it was time for a treat. As with anything baby and mum related, there is a plethora of companies that offer gift boxes, each containing a combination of products in infinite variations. Some companies offer more generic mainstream products where as others offer a more chic influenced element (listen to me – I sound like a box expert). After some looking and reading, I came across The 6 Essentials.

It’s weird with all the social media hype these days. It’s so easy to find out stuff about companies. I like knowing who I’m getting things from – it adds an element of personalisation to products. The 6 Essentials was started up by 2 mums Mary and Alice – something that drew me in straight away was their honesty. Starting their company after having experienced the highs and lows of pregnancy, I think these two ladies have created a brand that stands out in a densely populated field.

Although the primary idea of getting Lis a present was to get her some bits to spoil herself with, I also wanted to impress (obviously!). Many of the products The 6 Essentials use are natural or organic and most are made in the UK too. Some of the headline brands that you may have heard of include: Molly & Moo, Bloom and Blossom, Skin & Tonic, Nailberry, Hairburst and Evolve Organic Beauty. What I love most is that the boxes contain things from companies that a lot of people haven’t heard about. Nothing like supporting small businesses where you can.

Our subscription boxes cover the first trimester to the ‘fourth’ trimester and would be a great gift to a partner/sister/friend if you’d like them to receive a nice treat every few months that matched relevant products to where they are in their pregnancy. Our due date calculator can help work out the dates for you or you can select specific dates for delivery yourself. The subscription boxes are also available to buy on their own, like the gift boxes. So there is a full range of 8 boxes to choose from.

I opted for a “Radiant” box: a collection of premium beauty and skincare treats helping new and expectant mothers feel beautiful, radiant and pampered. Just the ticket for perking Lis up. The Radiant’s 6 essentials:

Bloom and Blossom Anti Stretch Mark Cream: An absolutely beautiful concoction of essential ingredients outclassing any of the stretch mark creams we got from the shops.

Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow Face Mask: Girls love a face mask don’t they?

Nailberry Non-toxic Nail Polish (Simplicity/ Stone / Au Naturel) – I opted for stone (well chosen I’m told) – but dads beware: you may have to apply it!

Skin & Tonic Natural Organic Calm Balm (mini) – Great for when you’re stressing out.

Susan Castillo Palm Jotter – A lovely touch for noting down thoughts and ideas.

Elderbrook Refined Sugar Free Cordial – has to be tried to be believed!


All of the products in the box are focused on the mum and they are real size – you won’t end up with a box full of testers and tiny sachets to make up the numbers (something to watch out for when getting a gift box). I was so pleased when it arrived. Amazing branding, top quality contents and a sense of personalisation. Just what I was after.

Needless to say, the box went down really well. If you’re looking for a classy gift for your partner (or even for yourself), look no further than The 6 Essentials – check out their website for other boxes and subscription gifts!