Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I’ve been feeling the pressure. Not only do I have to get my own mum a present, I’ve also got to get my wife a present from my son (bit slack on his part, surely he should be able to sort his own out at 10 months?!). It’s been a tough one trawling through gift ideas…everything is so samey. I’ve totally settled on a couple of bit though and I’m buzzing.

There are tonnes of gift boxes out there – I mean absolutely tonnes. A lot of the time the contents are pretty average and a bit underwhelming. A collection of undersized samples put into a branded box; nothing impressive there. Of course, some people do it right…The 6 Essentials are one of those companies. Mary and Alice have got their boxes perfectly balanced.


A mixture of high quality, well though out contents fill each of their boxes and I know that my mum is going to LOVE what’s in the box that I’ve got her (hopefully you don’t read this mum as it’s going to totally spoil the surprise). You know when love goes into a product and it’s so nice giving a gift that you know is going to make a statement.

With it being Eddison’s first Mother’s Day, he told me he wanted to make a statement. He wanted to get his mum something that said, “I love you” but still something that was practical and useful. After a lot of deliberation, he settled on a Tiba and Marl bag. He didn’t, I did, obviously. If you’ve not seen these beauties, they are absolutely stunning. The Tiba and Marl Elwood has style and sophistication oozing from every seam. I didn’t ever think a changing bag would make such a good gift for my wife…but I’m convinced she’s going to love it.


Dads, check out these bags if you’re still looking for a present. Trust me, they’re mint and as an added bonus the bag is completely dad acceptable too. Touch.

As a little extra, I’ve got a little outfit for the boy from a new baby and child clothes company on the block, House of Hudson. In a market heavily saturated with quirky prints and catchy slogans, House of Hudson manages to really stand out.


I’m doing something nice on Mother’s Day for my wife so I thought it was a good excuse to get the boy dressed up in some new threads. I know it’s not directly for Mother’s Day, but it’s a good excuse isn’t it!

I don’t often get it right with things like this, but this year I’m on it. It’s not too late to get something ordered before Sunday! Hopefully next year the boy will actually be of some help with this present game!