Hand on heart, I’d say one of the toughest things I’ve seen my wife go through as a mum is breastfeeding. To be more specific, I’d say the first four weeks or so. It was simply the most difficult thing, watching her persevere and be in so much pain and discomfort. I felt absolutely powerless and although I tried, I wasn’t too much help. Although it makes me sad when I think about it, it also makes me hugely proud that she didn’t give up and after the initial difficulties, she has successfully fed the baby for 11 months. 

Difficulties with feeding are completely under emphasised in the build up to birth. It’s almost implied that if it hurts, it’s you doing it wrong. If it hurts, it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong! One of the issues my wife faced was that she had so much conflicting information about feeding, and most of the time it was coming from non-specialists who didn’t know a whole lot about it. The generic messages didn’t help and eventually we got the advice we needed. 

Sharing stories about feeding, good or bad is a great way to ensure that mums (and dads) get the knowledge they need about breastfeeding in the early days of parenting. This year Medela are running The Big Breastfeeding Cafe again and I think it’s amazing that support like this is on offer for parents. A recent survey completed by over 1,400 mums, found that 50% of mums questioned believe the most helpful breastfeeding advice and support they received came from local breastfeeding support groups, and family and friends. Ranking significantly higher than all other channels including midwives and GPs, parenting books and websites.


The new results reiterate just how valuable speaking to other mums can be. 

The events will take place on the 15th of May and if you’re interest in hosting one, send an email to medelamums@gmail.com!