When faced with impending challenge of selecting the right baby gear, life becomes complicated. I have spent the vast majority of my spare time this week reading reviews on pushchairs/prams that all seem to get 4.5 stars out of 5. Painful.

My man instinct (and sizeable amounts of research) tell me we need the following things from a pram:
1- Easy to fold so when my wife is on her own she doesn’t struggle with it/when I’m there I don’t get frustrated and break it.
2- Light enough so we don’t take chunks out of the back bumper each time we put it in the car.
3- Comfortable for the baby
4- Durable and robust enough to not break if we use it off the pavement.

In addition these wouldn’t hurt either:

5-  To be black and therefore marginally sporty.
6- Doesn’t require a second mortgage.
So we hit the shops today.

I can confirm it wasn’t an easy mission. In trying to create a fractionally different product to their competitors, each company could successfully tick 4 of our 6 boxes. Annoyingly, not one pushchair had everything we need. Maybe we are asking too much?

The staff who helped us in the stores didn’t exactly fill us with confidence…it took one girl 15 attempts to fold a pram that was £1000. Great excuse for dodging that ridiculous price tag! Annoyingly, without a baby, we can’t test drive it like a car!

After today, I think maybe we have mad expectations? Surely not though. I’m persevering – it’s done me well so far in life. The quest for the ultimate buggy continues. Stay tuned.